IoT Revolutionising The 21st Century

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IoT Revolutionising the 21st Century

IoT - Revolutionising the 21st Century!

Imagine a world where you could access every ''thing'' with just your smartphone or any other device. Yes! The IoT (Internet of Things) allows you to access and remotely control the objects according to your requirements. The ''things'' or ''objects'' refer to a variety of physical devices or systems that are embedded with sensors, software, electronics, actuators and network connectivity that authorise them to connect and exchange data. The ''things'' or ''objects'' have built-in sensors and are connected remotely across existing network infrastructure, allowing the devices to operate without much human interaction. The scope of IoT can be enhanced with actuators and sensors to create cyber-physical systems that could be used for automation.

The cyber-physical systems consist of multiple technologies like connected cars, smart homes, smart grids, wearable’s, smart cities, industrial internet, smart retail, energy engagement, smart healthcare etc. The list can simply go on forever! IoT would give new dimensions to all the sectors of every business in the future, owing to the fact that it started as early as in late 80’s and has been expanding on a very high rate ever since. IoT will possibly eliminate all human efforts required to manage any business and will be 100% error free. Think of a scenario where you are enthusiastically busy packing all your essentials for your next Peru trip and you leave no stone unturned to make it a trip to reminisce. You get on the plane, land in Peru and enjoying taking your regular evening stroll. Suddenly, you remember that you forgot to turn off your refrigerator and you haven't handed over the keys to anyone. What would you do? The IoT comes to your rescue at this very moment, by allowing you to remotely switch off your refrigerator. Problem solved! Undoubtedly, the IoT has innumerable benefits considering all its functionalities. Multifarious companies are trying to inculcate the IoT in their appliances and products to match up to the competition for smart devices to outrun consumer expectations for the 21st-century products.

As Jim Gray, the profound database expert said over a decade ago about how intelligence will be moving to the periphery of the network and every sensor or disk will be a powerful database machine. Turns out, we are progressing at a much faster pace! However, it has been argued that the IoT in the future would make the humans more lazy and sluggish. Also, George Osborne, the former British Chancellor of the Exchequer, asserted that the IoT is the next stage of the information revolution and referenced the inter-connectivity of everything from urban transport to medical devices to household appliances.

Need to design your automated IoT product or service?

We are here to help! Rebelute Inc. provides world class solutions for all the Proof of concept (POC), hardware and software solutions for all your products or services at the most cost-effective range. It definitely would be very exciting to see how technology and the IoT would shape the future and human interaction with everyday “things’’ or “objects’’. The IoT is a boon for all the multifarious sectors of businesses as they will now be able to create and automate products or services as per their vision.  

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